15 February, 2010

The Phantom Stranger (Blackest Night)

Written by- Peter J. Tomasi

Art by- Ardian Syaf
and Vicente Cifuentes

I will not be surprised if this issue is mistook for a Brave and the Bold. In this comic The Phantom Stranger and the Blue Devil, fight a resurrected Specter, trying to keep him from finding Hal Jordan. Once they lose they go to find Dead Man's body which has been possessed by the black ring.
This was a great comic, I recommend it to all. The Phantom Stranger, and the Blue Devil are both characters that I think are underplayed, and do hope to see more of. I do doubt that they will make many reappearance's in the future. I was also thrilled to see the body of Boston Brand come into play. It was unexpected and worked perfectly with Blackest Night. I do hope to read more of Peter J. Tomasi's work. Not only did the Phantom Stranger's words fit perfectly with his character, but Tomasi did the same with the Blue Devil, the Spectre, and Deadman.
Another thing that I was pleasantly surprised by was how well Ardian Syaf drew the Spectre. His hood and cape are absolutely perfect for a Black Lantern Spectre. Ulises Arreola collard the hood just the right shade of blue and the skin just the right shade of gray.
This almost as good of a team as Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore.

Grade: A
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