15 February, 2010

Red Robin #9

When the Red Robin series first came out, I was nothing but optimistic. The stories were good, the fight scenes were good, even Tim Drake's new costume was cool. Once they hit around issue 6 the stories became C+ worthy, but suddenly issue 9 was infinitely better. This was a pretty good story. It featured Bruce Wayne (who I like allot and hope he becomes batman again) The killer Moth, and Superboy (along with other minor characters and the normal Red Robin ones.
This comic shows how the DC world is recovering from the Blackest Night (which I barley liked) Bruce Wayne is back, characters are returning, and all is well until Ra's al Ghul comes into play, and threatens to turn Tim Drake's world upside down. Along with another cliff hanger at the end the book leaves you in suspense, and praying for the next issue.

Grade: B+
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