15 February, 2010

Watchmen (comic)


I do know that the Graphic Novel Watchmen is anything but new, but still review worthy. The writing in Watchmen was pretty good. The really good thing about this book is the plot, and the characters are revolutionary. Rorschach, is like Batman to the extreme, he represents all the good and all the bad in the world. His actions are just an attempt, (while being extreme) to fix all the wrong he experienced in his child hood. As it said in the book, he wants to make friends he just doesn't know how. A tortured childhood can definitely do that to you. I will also complement Dave Gibbons for drawing him perfectly, no other artiest could have captured Rorschach the way Gibbons did. Most of the charictars capture one specific part of a person. Veidet, represents all the intelligence in the world. The Comedian, shows that life is a joke, Alan Moore, somehow twisted life into a way that people can understand, and will torture the minds of all the readers. Is this Lunatic, alcoholic, murderer, and rapist evil? Or are the people that sit by and allow him to be? (in the fallowing quote the Comedian is talking to Dr. Manhattan) "yeah. Yeah that's right. Pregnant Woman. Gunned her down. Bang. And y'know what? You watched me. You coulda changed the gun into steam or the bullets into mercury or the bottle into snowflakes! You coulda teleported either of us to Goddamn Australia... But you didn't lift a finger." The Comedian is a remarkable (which by definition means: worthy of attention) character. The Comedian is arguably the most interesting character in the book. His physiological profile is more complex and fascinating than Rorschach's which many comic fans have studied.
The next most interesting character is Dr. Manhattan. His ability to do anything has made him distant to humanity, he doesn't understand for someone to be confused or upset. This would be helpful in some cases, but in others not so much. He can's imagine what it is like to have wonder, love, or any other emotion, which is truly a disadvantage for him, and his wife the Silk Specter, when dealing with people. But enough with the phycological profiling.
The book its
self is truly brilliant. The art is fantastic, each panel has its own color scheme which just moves the book along quickly, while adding a truly enjoyable sense.
But the plot is the most amazing thing about this book, it mainly fallows Night Owl and his hidden love for Silk Specter, and Rorschach who is on a quest to find who is killing off masked heros. There is total "fake out" of who-

-the real bad guy is and what he is planning to do left me gaping at the page.
What some people don't see is that Watchmen shows the complete timeline of superhero comics. At the beginning the Heros are dressed in bright vibrant colors ridiculous and fight just ordinary thugs, t
hen the story becomes m
ore gritty, and the costumes less rediculous. I keeps progressing in that faction until it hits the modern
age of comics.
The few
splotches of ink put on to a couple of assembled pages are the most amazing thing I have had the chance to see.

Grade: A/A+
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