15 February, 2010

Planet Hulk (movie)

This movie would be good if it was just a movie, but it wasn't it was a Hulk movie. I watched it and enjoyed it, but I was bothered by a couple things. I will confess that I did not read the comic Planet Hulk. This movie is good, and drawn well like the Green Lantern First Flight, but why did the Hulk speak with intelligence, if he did so on earth the Avengers would have never abandoned him. Also why did he never change back into Bruce Banner, if you watch the movie you will see that he is not angry all the time, yet he remains green.
Besides these minor complaints I had no problem with the movie, I found the characters intriguing, and the story thrilling. (although it was strikingly familiar)

Grade: B-

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  1. Well, Mr. Duko, if that is your REAL name,

    I personally liked "Planet Hulk." I thought the dialogue and the imagery from the fight scenes to be not only intense but engaging as well. How are you sure that the explantation for Dr. Banner's perpetual "Hulk-state" is not some sort of superman ordeal? Are you certain that it's not the alien planet, which causes him never to return to that human form?

    Also, I would be surprised if there was never in comic book history variations on a certain comic book hero. Maybe this Hulk is nothing more than just a different form of the Big Green Monster, which happens to be unrelated to the original. It's something to think about.

    Either way, I enjoyed the Hulk movie, and if you were to ask me, though I know I am not the 'expert' like yourself, I would give the movie an A-.

  2. Well, Mr. Liszt, if that is your real name,

    I know marvel pretty well and if there was a "Superman Ordeal" they would have explained it. Also it can't be a variation, because the Planet Hulk comic series was just a small series of the Incredible hulk which is the classic Hulk. So a B- is perfectly fair

    Hoping you are well: Jozeph Dukö