08 July, 2010

Bruce Wayne Returns #3

          This series has been awful, plain and simple. It has been a series of bad writing, bad art, to complicated stories and a bunch of other things that just didn't make sense. I'm more than happy to say that this issue was an average comic. It was so average that it was great. (for the series that is) Although I'm getting concerned that Bruce Wayne won't actually return. I'm pretty sure he will, considering the fact that the series is called Bruce Wayne Returns. (The Return of Bruce Wayne) But the entire Justice League (and others) are trying to keep him back in time for reasons that are unknown at the current time.
          In this issue Bruce wakes up on Black Beard's ship. Black Beard keeps calling him the Black Pirate, and keeps ordering to take him to a hidden treasure. Do to past experience he knows exactly where to go. The same place the Bat-People fled to when the Deer Tribe attacked. He goes in and he and the boy who was also captured avoid all the traps. When they all get to a bridge made of bones, Bruce dresses up as the Black Pirate, and the Boy (who is actually the Black Pirate) fight off all the pirates. Then the Bat people take Batman in to their cave. Then he tells the boy different words, that lead him to be the model for a painting that later ends up in Wayne manner. Meanwhile the entire JLA is discussing how to keep Bruce where he is. Batman then wakes up in the time of Jonah Hex.
           I don't really like how the DCU wants to keep Bruce where he is, it is pitiful. This is why I'm concerned about Bruce not coming back, but I don't see how the character Batman can survive without Bruce. The movies and the franchise is based around him, he has to come back. But I was very happy that Wayne was more himself than he was in the previous issues. He was more like a detective, and he was more selfless. Plus he was remembering his encounter with Darkside. I also have high hopes for the next issue with Hex. DC is pushing him because of the movie, but in this case it works perfectly. So with that all I can do now is wish Bruce Wayne a quick and speedy recovery.

Grade: 6.5/10
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