10 July, 2010

The Flash #3

            This new Flash series is not just about the Flash, it is also about Captain Boomerang. (this issue was 33% Captain Boomerang) That can be expected considering the Flash and Captain Boomerang have both come back recently, the shocking thing is how good it is. That 33% was extremely good, it could have been a comic on its own. In this issue, Boomerang brakes out of prison, everyone is convinced that the only reason the machine said Barry killed Mirror Monarch is because he contaminated the scene, and the Renegades take another shot at the Flash.
            The art has been and continues to be superb in this series. I do love this story arc, I am a nut for alternate reality stories, and the Flash, so a Flash somewhat alternate reality story is perfect. I just wonder if this is the right arc for the first couple of issues in this series, and they shouldn't do something like Captain Boomerang breaking out and he and the Rogues going crazy. Just to introduce Barry and his villains back into the DCU. Regardless the series is great, and the Captain Boomerang section is incomparable. I like how Barry is a selfless person, while being the Flash, and while being a member of the Police.When he has a bunch of super powered commandoes from the future running after him, he still works on a case about a boy that was wrongly accused of murder. I just read so many comics, where the writer tries to make the hero dark that it's nice to read about the good old fashion "superhero boy scout." I also like how Iris understands that Barry is just a "superhero boy scout" so she has conflicting views at times, but then realizes it's for the best. Lastly, where are the Rogues during all of this? "Copycats " of themselves come from the future and they do nothing? I understand that they wanted Boomerang to break out and make Flash sweat, but come on, they have to make an appearance. So this was a good issue, just it had some missed opportunities.

Grade: 8.5/10
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