31 July, 2010

Birds of Prey #3

The past two issues of this series have been one of the most exiting things in the past year. (besides Shadowland) But I found this issue really disappointing. It was mainly just recap and fighting. It did have one or two unexpected twists, but not enough. I'm very much looking forward to the end of this story arc. Recently I've noticed writers aren't starting off series in the way that they should. They're all trying to jump right into the middle of a series apposed to starting off with an introductory arc where the villains come back. Birds of Prey, X-Men, and the Flash are all good examples of this. While I love Birds of Prey and the Flash series I would just like some action with the Calculator, and Captain Cold instead of things like a hero going to jail or an identidy being revealed. In this issue the Birds of Prey are hiding in the Iceberg Lounge. When a group of rogue cops blow it up. After that fight, Black Canary goes to confront White Canary.
         I really didn't see why Penguin's perverted thoughts were necessary. It was just a tool to be shocking. Maybe three panels would have been acceptable, but an entire two page spread? That's a little rediculouse. The art was also bad, most of the faces looked distorted. Plus I'm very disappointed that Hawk is becoming a major player in the series, and Dove is very underplayed. I really wish it was the other way around. I hate Hawk, I understand that his character is supposed to be annoying but I really can't stand him. As I said before, DC is pushing to hard to make him the new Punisher and it is looks very contrived. I did like the end when Black Canary says she won, but then White Canary explains that she was wrong and that she, had won. I'm not very exited about next issue (unless it is the conclusion of this arc) but I am more than psyched for the next arc, but the only reason I would recommend this comic is so you know what happens in this series which I have very high hopes for.

Grade: 6.5/10
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