05 July, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #634

             Grim Hunt, it is exactly what it sounds like, it is a hunt that is... well... grim. This series is the aftermath of SHED,  this does not matter in the story arc, but as someone who hated SHED, it matters to me. I will admit my standards were lowered for this issue, but either way it was still great. Kelly did a great job, with every part of the book. I will say that a character dies in this issue, and when (he/she) does it is a combined force that needed this author, this penciler, this inker, this colorer etc. When I saw it...I was blown away, it was the best death scene I have ever seen. It was absolutly fantastic. It took, this issue, and series to a whole new level. This arc alone is making me reconsider canceling my subscription to Amazing Spiderman.
              The Synopsis of this issue is that the Hunters: Realitives of Kraven, are hunting down Spiders. (guess who they are)  That includes Spiderman, Spiderwoman, Spidergirl, and even Kaine. Spiderman learns of this hunt when Ezekiel comes back from hell to warn him, and to help him. Also Spiderman is teamed up with Spiderwoman.
              The Hunters are using Madam Web (by torturing her) to find all the Spiders. By sacrificing a Spider, the Hunters bring some sort of wolf creature back from the dead. (they were trying to bring back Kraven) Oh... and during all of this Spiderman has H1N1
            The writing was fantastic, the Hunters were made to sound like Harley Quinn, and Kelly made it work with out making them a complete knock off. A love the art in the Captain America comics, this was much like that (the penciling wasn't that good, some characters looked deformed) so it added to the creepy aspect of the story. This arc alone (so far) could be made into a movie, and I bet it would do pretty well. The first horror/superhero movie.
             This comic also had a little short story about Kraven in the back, if you want me to review it leave a comment.

Grade: 9/10
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