02 July, 2010

Green Arrow #1

               First off, why did DC end a Green Arrow series and then in two months start a new one, exactly where the old one left off. This could have easily been part of the old series. I just don't understand. At least the art changed. (see last Green Arrow review to see my description of the old art)
               In this issue Green Arrow rescues some girl, who's name is not mentioned. There is also a giant forest in the middle of Star City, that looks like a star. Some lady named Isabel Rochev, a "major player in the soviet private sector) is now head of Queen Industries. Mayor Altman and Commissioner Nudocerda are hosting a party that is supposedly a fund raiser for all the people who's homes were destroyed by the forest that randomly sprouted up, but Oliver Queen thinks otherwise. He steals all the food and hands it out to the people. When the commissioner and the mayor rase after him, they get stopped by maintenance in the middle of the road, when the commissioner gets out of the car to yell at the guy holding up a stop sign. The stop sign guy kills him, runs away and takes off a disguise. You never find out who it is, neither do the detectives, nor does Green Arrow. Lastly Rochev builds what looks like a robot army for the mayor.
            Rochev made so many royalty word puns, way to many. The Royal Guard, the King of Queen Industries, long live the Queen. The list goes on and on... and on, and on. Although who ever designed what she looks like did a fantastic job. She looks elegant, but also like she could kill you with a plank of wood. Hasn't the mayor ever read a Sci- Fi book, doesn't he know that robot army's never work. This series is a little predictable, the army is going to work for her and go crazy on the city, then Green Arrow is going to stop them. (I hope I'm wrong) I'm a little disappointed that Black Canary, nor any of the Speedys showed up in this issue. Not even for a second, but reading the comic again, I see that in this particular story line there is no room for them, I do hope they make an appearance soon. Lastly, I know that Green Arrow has always been a little like Robin Hood, but J.T Krul is over doing it. He lives in the woods, he is getting some "Merry Men," and takes from the Rich and gives to the poor, all in one issue. Green Arrow isn't Robin Hood, he's close but Krul has practically closed the gap. Although that isn't that big of a deal. This series shows promise, but not too much. Oh...I almost forgot. At the end Green Lantern flew in to the forest, but his ring bummed out on him, so he fell at the feat of Green Arrow, who was standing next to a tree with the White Lantern logo on it. When I was talking about promise before, this is what I was talking about. This forest now has a reason. This forest has a purpose (just like every other white lantern/ Brightest Day thing does) and it will be cool to find out what it is. So I'm very much looking forward to the next couple of issues. So those two or three pages bumped up this issues grade significantly.

Grade: 6/10
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