30 July, 2010

Shadow Land #1

         Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I was away for two weeks. But I did bring a lot of comics, so I'm going to start reviewing them. After I read the first page of this issue, I was hooked. I had stopped reading Daredevil when he became the head of the Hand. The idea just didn't appeal to me. But because of recent reviews, I decided to read this one. Wow, am I glad I did, this is with out a question the best comic I've read this year. There was no part of the story, art, dialogue, or anything that wasn't perfect. The only thing that was ehh..., was that it continues in the Daredevil series, but can someone tell me if you really need too read Daredevil #508?
         In this issue, Bullseye brakes free from restraints and goes looking for Daredevil, meanwhile every one in the super hero community is worried about Daredevil's new attitude. (which they rightfully should be)  So Iron Fist and Luke Cage go looking for Daredevil. Bullseye, Fist, and Cage all reach Daredevil at the exact same time. So there is an epic fight scene, and Daredevil ends up shoving sai through Bullseye's stomach.
          I'm split here. I want Bullseye to die, but at the same time, I don't. I want him to die because that would continue the awesomeness of Shadowland, and it would be pretty dramatic and gutsy. But Bullseye is one of my favorite villains, and he is one of the people in comics that doesn't have any Sci-Fi thing that can bring him back. Also in this issue, I didn't mind the Hand. That might just be because they made the fight scene just that much better, but they really didn't get in the way of this comics greatness. I did like that Bullseye who is about as evil as they come could recognize that something was wrong with  "Ol' Hornhead."
          "This whole Shadowland thing is strictly temporary." I did love this comic, but I really want the old Daredevil back, but that also does not affect the grade of this comic.

Grade: 10+/10
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