11 July, 2010

Secret Avengers #2

          As soon as I saw the cover of issue #1, I knew this series would be peerless.  Not because the cover was drawn well, or even because it was written by Brubaker, but because of the people this team included. Moon Knight, Valkyrie, Black Widow, Ant Man, War Machine, Beast, Nova, and Steve Rogers. I like what is being done with Steve Rogers, he is no longer Captain America (I kind of don't like that, but not nearly as strongly as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson) but him being this secret black-op kind of guy is pretty cool. Plus in this issue only for one panel he gets a laser shield. So that's pretty cool.
In this issue the Secret Avengers lose contact with Nova and go to Mars to find him, and to investigate Roxxon. Then the whole of the Secret Avengers is put under attack by (who I think I'm right in assuming) is the Shadow Council, and by ______. This is a spoil free blog.
         This is a great second issue. I would have liked  a couple pages about Moon Knight, he was practically the star of last issue, with the whole "I'm changing my ways" bit, so a couple pages on that would have been nice, but thats not a huge deal. Last issue I didn't really like Valkyrie being on the Secret Avengers, but this time, War Machine was the weakest character. He told Ant Man that he had to earn the name, so he kept calling him Kid, and was very condescending to him, and eventually that just got boring. Also last issue Sharon Carter was attacked by Nick Furry and the Shadow Council, this issue she is just siting at her computer and complaining that they hacked in, which they probably could have done with out busting into the ship. The art in this book was fantastic, a couple scenes with Nova showed his awesome power just in the picture. There was also a different scene where Beast looked into one of the Shadow Council's units eyes and that picture could have been taken out of a horror movie, and I wouldn't know the difference. So this was a good fallow up issue, and I'm very excited for this series, and also is the Moon Knight series any good? Is it worth reading? Or any of the Deadpool series?

Grade: 9/10
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