14 July, 2010

Deadpool #23

                I know I'm an issue behind in Deadpool, but I've only recently been interested in him. This issue got mixed reviews ( kind of) some gave it an Okay, some gave it a great. I have to side with the great, I absolutely loved this comic, I picked it up because I'd heard about him, I saw him in Wolverine Origins (even though they sowed the Merc with a Mouth's mouth shut) and I saw him in Ultimate Alliance 2 (great game) so I though I'd give him a try. I was surprised to find that I loved this book.
                In this issue, some one at a superhero costume party (to celebrate the "Reunification of the Avengers") and someone called Deadpool a Dirtbag. Deadpool didn't like that so he went to Vegas and blew him up.  Then he went to do some gambling. He started to win a lot, so casino security came to throw him out, by casino security I mean a giant robot named the House, that actually has the Weasel inside. That is where I leave off on the synopsis.
                Several people thought that the humor was lacking, maybe there was one or two moments that could have been more funny, but it was pretty good. I knew Deadpool was a loose cannon, but he went to Vegas and set off a bomb just because someone called him a dirtbag, wow that's low. But it made the issue all the better. The art was fantastic, it was somewhere between conventional comic art, and cartoons, which I guess is perfect for Deadpool. I have only two complaints and both are rather small. The cover is supposed to almost be a preview of the issue, so I picked this up not knowing what to expect (remember first Deadpool comic) but I did expect something that had to do with the Avengers, the real Avengers, not a bunch of people in costumes. There was nothing, but that is only a very minor complaint that I thought about after, my second one probably only exists because this is my first Deadpool comic, and that is there was no Deadpool fighting, he jumped out of the way a couple times, but other that that, nothing. I'm sure that wouldn't have bothered me if I had read a Deadpool comic with fighting before hand, but it still bothered me just a little. I wouldn't complain usually but Deadpool is known for fighting. But those two complaints are very, very small. So it didn't effect the grade much.

Grade: 9/10
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