09 July, 2010

The Death of Dracula #1

               This is supposedly a Marvel one-shot, but I highly doubt this is the last time we are going to here about this story.Vampires are a fad now a days, and it was smart of Marvel to make a vampire comic. In this issue Xarus (Dracula's oldest son) killed his father, and all of the vampire sects have to decide to join Xarus and agree to make him the new king vampire or fight back. Janus (Xarus' older brother/ main character) has to think.
               Before I go any further I have to state that there are three main sects in this comic. There is the Siren ("female seductresses") Krieger sect (warriors) Claw. (warriors) The Krieger sect walks away, and so does the Claw sect. The Leader of the Siren sect's leader tries to kill Xarus, but of course that fails. He wipes out the Krieger Sect and Janus goes to attempt to gain the Claw sect's loyalty, for the revolt against Xarus. That's where I leave off on the synopsis.
                 I would be very happy if this became an ongoing series. You can flip to any page in this comic and you will see amazing art. It is the best art I have seen in at least the past two months. I know I say I like a lot of art in different comics, but this is truly something else. I didn't like how the comic is called the Death of Dracula, Dracula's death wasn't very dramatic, actually that's not true it was very dramatic, but it would have been more dramatic, and effective if he had been in more than four pages. The pages that he was in were perfect, he looked and talked exactly how I ever could have wanted. I also appreciated that Dracula was hard to kill, if it had just took one stake to the heart I would have been disappointed that the most famous vampire ever, and who was supposedly king vampire for years went quietly. I really liked how each sect had different appearances and views on "vampire-hood" and humanity. The Claw kept to them selves, the Anchorite wanted to be left alone and so on. So I really want to see more, at the end of it I was longing for more.

Grade: 9/10
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  1. Cool review. Do you know if this is the same Dracula from those old 70's Marvel comics? Was the thing with the sons and 3 sects established already in another comic?

    You made a good point about Marvel turning this into a series. I just think they shouldn't try to tie these concepts into the X-Men universe right away.

  2. No the sects were established in this issue (95% sure)

    I agree that the x-men should not be tied in right away, but when it does the X-men and the Marvel Vampires have many opportunities. If Xarus decides to take over the world, (which he wills) will it be like the Brother Hood of Mutants, and people like Janus be the X-men, and will the X-men team up with Janus, and the Brother Hood with Xarus?