17 October, 2010

Legion of Super-Heroes #5

               This series has been getting better and better, it started off as okay, but then became good, and now I look forward to it every month. Levitz, has been doing a great job with this series. Instead of focusing on all of the characters in great detail, he picked a few to focus on, a couple sub heroes, and then some ones that make an appearance but aren't that big. I like it that way, it makes the comic enjoyable, without being confusing. On top of that he has the whole thing with Earth-Man and the Green Lantern Corps, but he does that in the perfect moderation, so again, it's enjoyable without being confusing.
            In this issue several heroes are helping some refugees from Titan off a rescue ship that just crashed then the Earth Force comes and they take down all of the Legion except Sun Boy, but then Earth-Man and other Legion members help  him out. Then the Green Lantern ring tries to go onto Professor Li, but she rejects. At the end Earth-Man and Sun Boy arrest everyone at the illuminati thing, and at the very end Phantom Girl finds that Shadow Lass is sleeping with Earth-Man.
            This comic was fantastic, there were parts with Chameleon Boy that were just fantastic. (this is a comic that has the opportunity to use politics, and Levits found a way to moderate it perfectly) Levits also has made Earth-Man a likable character, which is also something I like, because When there's one character I just hate in a series, I end up not liking the series. (example: Hawk in the Birds of Prey) A lot of people liked the end, they say it gives many opportunities to the seres, I agree, but I didn't like the way it was done. It seems like Levitz said: "okay I finished one plot, lets start another right now!" Maybe if it were at the beginning of issue six it would have been better, but if thats my only complaint, and it's a small one, you know this issue was very good.
             I urge you to pick up this series.

Grade: 9.5 /10
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