07 October, 2010

Justice League of America #49

          I absolutely hated Justice League of America number 45, it was just plain awful, I think I gave it a 0. something. So because of that I didn't even read the past story arc because I hated the lead up to it and I just wasn't a big fan of the whole Starheart thing, so when this came I was exited to see what a normal Justice League story is like, and I was happy that this was a one shot, because there is no better way to start following a series.
          In this issue Donna Troy was called to San Francisco and she brought Jade. They were called to Alcatraz, because someone named Shadow Thief is going crazy, he keeps saying "soon he will come." Bogeyman (who has the power to control children's minds) asked to see Donna for no reason. Then Donna has mind games played on her when she's attacked by the original Teen Titans, and Jade is being told how disappointing she is buy Kyle.
          I always love it when mind games are played with Superheroes, that is why I like people like Mongul, Mysterio, and Boogyman, and it did wonders for this issue. This was just a great issue best comic I've read in October (so far) hands down. While I usually think Jade is annoying and a waste of space, Robinson did a great job with her. Before writers have made her emotions way out of proportion and have had everyone baby her, but this one she was kind of like that (so Robinson didn't just suddenly change her character) but she was more self dependent.
          The art in this issue was beyond fantastic, it might be some of the greatest art I've ever seen. Pow Rodrix did a amazing job with this issue, this is one of the only times where I opened an issue and immediately noticed the art.
          This issue is a must buy, I loved the story and the art, it was just a highly enjoyable comic. I didn't mention some bit between Supergirl and Dick Grayson, but that is the only part not worth mentioning, because it was kind of random and pointless, but maybe it will come into play later.

Grade: 9.5/10
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