31 October, 2010

Wolverine #2

        At first I was skeptical about "Wolverine Goes to Hell," I thought it would be just another Marvel event to make comic headlines, while they are simultaneously doing "Curse of the Mutants," and "Shadowland." I thought it was going to be a publicity stunt, that is only written half heartedly. After I read the first issue, I thought I was right. It was only written okay, and the plot was confusing. In the series defense, I didn't read Daken or X-23 (although I gave X-23 some thought) because I've never really liked the whole family of Wolverine thing, so I don't know how well those were written, but in Wolverine issue one, it was not good.
         In this issue Wolverine is fighting every single person that he had ever killed. (in Hell) Nazis, ninjas, and Omega Red, he is fighting and killing (again) all of them. He has no powers and no adamantium. The Devil keeps telling Wolverine he can stop if he lets out one little scream, but Wolverine simply replies: "Keep 'em comin', Bub." Wolverine's girlfriend (who was rescued by Mystique last issue) calls Yukio. (Wolverine's former girlfriend) While on the phone Yukio is killed by Wolverine's demon possessed body, and goes to Hell, where the devil makes her whip Logan until he screams. At the end of the comic you see two people planning to use Wolverine, one who was small would use him to escape Hell, the other would use him for a hidden agenda.
       Right after I finished this comic I knew that it was a good one. My original assumptions about this series were wrong. The comic was filled with emotion (on a wolverine scale) between fighting Omega Red, and being tortured by his ex girlfriend. To be very blunt "it's been a ruff day for Wolverine."  This issue was written very well, the writing had an almost poetic way about it. Which was also reflected by the fantastic art. My only real complaint with this issue was that Aaron didn't use Saber Tooth enough. Wolverine is in Hell, in pain, emotionally compromised, if Saber Tooth had come out, and had a dialogue while he was fighting that would have topped off the issue and made it from great to amazing. In fairness Aaron did kind of do that with Omega Red, but Saber Tooth would have been better. I also have to point out how Melita called Yukio of all people, opposed to like Cyclops or Beast, it just looked like away to bring Yukio into the story, that's what it was, but it just looked a little forced.
       This was a great issue, but it could have been better.

Grade: 8/10
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