08 October, 2010

Flash #5

           To be honest I almost dropped this series, with a new Geoff Johns , Barry Allen Flash series, I expected to be constantly giving this series nine's and ten's out of ten, opposed to six's and seven's. I've been really disappointed and I was exited to get almost any comic except Flash, but I heard such great things about this issue that I thought I would give it a try, and let this be the deciding issue. (if the score is more than 7/10 I'll continue) 
           In this issue the 25th century version of the Top is working with the Flash, so that Iris doesn't become some Super Villain thing. He stops Mirror Master from breaking the glass with the mirror lords, but then the White Lantern ora thing told Captain Boomerang to throw his boomerang and he broke the glass, now the Flash has to distract them so that the Top can do something else.
           I really liked this story, the action was clever, entertaining, and just plain awesome, also it didn't distract from the rest of the story. I was a little confused about what happened to Captain Boomerang, but Brightest Day is supposed to be a mystery, for now. I really liked how not everything went according to what Top told the Flash, because now it's not "Geoff Johns goes through the motions and then at the end of the arch makes a stupid excuse to make it different." I've seen that so many times before and I'm happy that it happened this way.
         The art in this is extraordinary. I like Francis Manapul but this is some of his best work. I especially like how powerful he made weather wizard. Usually I would give the credit to the writer for something like this, but Manapul really captured him as an all powerful being. A lot of times people underestimate people like him (for example: Storm) but really they are all powerful. Weather Wizard was only in this issue for a short amount of time, but I thought I'd mention it any way, because it shows how well Francis Manapul did in this issue.
         I really liked this issue, best one of the series. (so far) The art was great, the story was great, the writing was great. I especially liked how it was just one big fight scene, but it didn't take away from the rest of Barry's life, nor did it slow down the plot. This is a great issue and I'm definitely continuing with the series.

Grade: 9/10
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