30 October, 2010

Daredevil #511

           This is also a series that I have had little experience with, but it does tie into Shadowland. Shadowland has been a great series, but I really want Matt Murdock back. I also have a problem that just because the guys name is Daredevil (for a completely different reason then he wants to act like a demon from Hell) someone decides to make a demon from Hell inhabit, and take control of his body. On the other hand, the action, writing, and character usage has been remarkable. Even without reading all of the one shots that have come off this series, I still get to see Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, and the best written Spiderman ever. I've alway wanted to start reading Moon Knight but have never gotten the chance, and I have always liked Ghost Rider, but he makes few appearances now. Shadowland has been a good series with good tie-ins so I was very exited to subscribe to it's biggest tie-in, Daredevil.
          Recently Foggy Nelson has been the star of the Daredevil series, and this issue is no exception. In this issue the police charge the Shadowland area of Hell's Kitchen, and fight a rowdy crowd of people.  Dakota  tries to preach sanity, but ends up having to break a guys nose. Detective Kurtz tries to do the same thing, but someone throws a molotov cocktail at him. Dakota then goes to rescue Becky who is in an apartment right above where the riot is happening. Foggy Nelson scales the side of the Shadowland temple, and gets inside when then something happens.
          This was a decent issue at best, it was more police trying to "maintain the peace" than actual Shadowland stuff, if it weren't for Foggy at the end this series would be in the exact same place as it was last issue. I'm in no way criticizing Diggle's writing ability, just his story telling. This issue was written very well, just there was little to no forward motion (except the Foggy thing, which probably saved this issue.) Besides that I have really nothing to say except that I liked the art, it has that same darkness that Captain America has, but it's also sketchy which makes it even darker, which reflects the darkness of recent Shadowland/Daredevil events. I do also have to complain that one of the Daredevil characters was completely taken from Batman. Detective Kurtz is almost exactly like commissioner Gordon, he does the same thing, even though he's not commissioner, but he looks the same and acts the same, and plays and equally prominent role in Daredevil that Gordon plays in Batman.
           I wouldn't consider this a must read, but if you like Shadowland and Daredevil then by all means, check it out.

Grade: 6/10
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