02 October, 2010

Birds of prey #5

          This series has been going down hill since issue one. I really hate this story arc, I don't like White Canary, nor do I like Hawk, and both of them are galavanting around this series where they don't belong. What I want is a starting arc that utilizes all of the characters, I can understand adding someone (just why did it have to be Hawk) and bringing back a common enemy. For instance the Calculator, or doing more with the thing they have about Savant and Creote, that is by far my favorite part of this arc, if they had done more of that and replaced the whole White Canary thing with a perticularly devious Penguin plot, I would be happy.
         This issue starts off with more Savant and Creote, which I like, they say sorry and they're going to get through this and all of that stuff. Then it goes to Black Canary who announces she's leaving the team to go work with White Canary. So Huntress and Lady Black-Hawk fallow her. Lastly there is a little bit where Hawk Dreams that his brother is alive.
         Again, I do not like the White Canary thing, I understand that Simone is trying to make this issue shocking so that people will be wondering if Black Canary is really staying, but of course she is, if this were a mini series I wouldn't be so sure, but you don't get rid of the poster girl for a team in issue five. I also found the Savant and Creote thing just a little disapointing this issue, it was a lot of just making up lovey dovey stuff. I have to admit though, that had to come sometime, and Simone did a great job with that scene, which could easily be messed up in a catostrophic way. This series has still been on a down hill, I will not renew my subscription when it runs out, I just really don't like this series. I loved issue one which sold around 50 thousand issues, but then I just really hated the fallowing issue which sold around six to seven thousand issues fewer,  this series had just been a dissapointment, and this issue was no prize.

Grade: 5/10
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  1. That's funny. Hawk and Dove are one of the few reasons I read this series. That and Huntress, I've always loved that character. The rest I can do without. I just couldn't really fathom why this huge fight with White Canary and then, oh, gotta go after Shiva. And at the end, surprise, I'm a White Canary now too.

    Haven't we seen this somewhere before? I didn't think it was a terrible issue, but not great either.

  2. This may sound really strange, but It's not dove that I hate, I love that she's in the series, she makes it so much better, it's Hawk, DC is trying to make him the Punisher, but it just seems so forced.