23 October, 2010

X-Men #4

             I always look forward to this series, I just resized I never reviewed X-Men issue three, so I'll give it a grade right now Grade: 9/10. I had stopped liking Marvel for a little while, because they destroyed Hulk to the point where I can no longer read it, and I wasn't a huge fan of what they did to Spiderman's villains (Doc Oc, Vulture etc. but it did grow on me later) but now I love Marvel again, this is just a great series.
              In this issue Blade and Angel hunt down some vampires and then realize they have to run away from them because there are too many. Xarus then confirms that there is no chance Wolverine is healing off the vampire gene, and gains his trust. Xarus then calls up Cyclops and uses Wolverine to intimidate him, so now the vampires are going to invade Utopia.
              I'm just waiting for the moment when Wolverine says "ha ha I'm not a vampire."  I guess that adds suspense, but that is canceled out by predictability. I do think that Jubilee should stay a vampire, because now that she isn't a mutant her character has become a annoyance, and this is a way to give some conflict to the X-Men and purpose to Jubilee.
              I don't think that Blade is being used to his full potential, six pages were devoted to Blade and Angle (two of my absolute favorite characters in any comic universe) but they didn't do anything. They found vampires and ran away. Blade is one character that can pull the Punisher thing off well, and there making him a "sissy."I do have to complement the cover which is just very realistic and very cool, although, the art inside the book is just okay. (like green arrow it's nothing special) This issue does open the gate for many good issues in the future, but only if Gischler uses Blade, and Jubilee to their full potential.
              While this issue wasn't the best thing I've ever read, I still love the series and am looking forward to future issues.

Grade: 7/10
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