31 October, 2010

Uncanny X-Force

          I had never liked these X-Men spinoffs, actually (recently) I've never really liked any of the X-Men series, nor did I like Deadpool. (which is kind of X-Men) But when Angle, Wolverine, and Deadpool are all in the same series I had to check it out. I'm just saying now that I've had no experience with Fantomex, or Psylocke.
          The series starts off with Deadpool going on some covert mission to a cult sort of thing, well, until he was knocked unconscious by a giant statue. Then we see Psylocke's dream, she dreams that Angle is arguing with Archangel, and Archangel is killing both of them. Angle and Psylocke both wakeup and argue about lying to each other when they get a call, not really sure what about, probably Deadpool. Then there is a competition between Fantomex and Wolverine, and Wolverine wins. I was then a little confused when the X-Force just kinds of meets with no lead up. They go to where Deadpool was and they get attacked by the giant statue, after they overcome that and rescue Deadpool, you see Apocalypse as a small boy, and Angel declares that he's going to kill him.
            I found this issue confusing. I don't know who called Angle, or what about, Angle later said something about how Deadpool was gathering info about something for years, and I don't know what, and most importantly I don't know what brought the X-Force back together. (Although I Fantomex just decided to get them all back) But as I was reading I barley noticed, what I did notice was great writing, great art, and the best written Deadpool I've ever seen. It's like the way Bendis writes Spiderman, Remender writes Deadpool like I've always wanted to see him. Another character that is done really well in this series is Fantomex, he had a very nice classiness about him, but I still don't know anything about him. (I'll be sure to look him up so I'm prepared for next issue) Angle, Wolverine, and Psylocke were also written well, but not as well as Deadpool and Fantomex. For a series like this I would usually comment about "starting in the middle of the series," but the trailer for this series took that thought right out of my mind.
           This was a really good issue, with great art, and great writing, there were just a couple of holes in the plot, most of which I would consider irrelevant.

Grade: 8/10
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