28 October, 2010

Legion of Super-Heroes #6

          Recently this series has gone from good to amazing. I do have my problems with the series but they are few. I don't know of a single writer that would have been better for this series than Paul Levitz. He has found a way to incorporate several of the characters, and giving some more face time than others, which is really a trait this series needs. On top of that the art has constantly been great in this series. Francis Portela has found a way to show the seriousness of what Levitz is doing, and capture the "Mom and apple pie" feeling of the original comics.
          In this issue Shadow Lass is angry that Phantom Girl didn't knock before entering the room when she found Shadow Lass sleeping with Earth-Man. Then Earth-Man, Timber Wolf, and Brainiac 5 destroy some xenophobes, and Earth-Man denounces his old beliefs. Then Earth-Man goes to Brainiac and yells at him and demands a normal flight ring, and he tells him "I may be convinced that we have to get along with offworlders, but it doesn't mean I have to like 'em... especially you."
At the end of the story Matter-Eater Lad announces that the fans get to vote on the next Legion Head. But this is after Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl go on temporary leave, so you can't vote for them.
           I thought it was really smart of Levitz not to put Matter-Eater Lad in the actual story, because if he did you would have the option of voting for him. I love MEL as much as the next guy, and I most likely would have voted for him if he were on the ballot, but he wouldn't be a good Legion Head in the story. Te actual story of this issue wasn't all that good. For one Levitz didn't  bring up Shadow Lass and Earth-Man enough, I know I said I didn't like the pace of it last issue, but the cover is devoted to that, and that was the big thing that happened last issue, and not once this issue was Earth-Man even in the same panel of Shadow Lass. There was a little where Shadow Lass goes on about how Earth-Man is a warrior, but that was way to little, plus I was also disappointed about how fast Phantom Girl excepted everything.. If Shadow Lass and Earth-Man talked, and Phantom Girl was a little less accepting this issue would have been much better. On top of that, when Levitz wrote the part with Earth-Man and Brainiac 5, did he forget that Earth-Man is now with an "offworlder?" He had finally become excepting, and then he went on a rant about how much he doesn't like Aliens. I don't know what was going through Levitz head. Other than that this issue was mainly made up of space fillers, just a bunch of loose dribble. The only reason I would encourage buying this issue is because Matter-Eater lad is in one page, and he announces a pretty cool event. Colossal Boy 2010!

Grade: 3/10
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