24 October, 2010

Detective Comics #869

           I really liked the first issue of this arc, but I didn't know what to think about the issue after that, I will admit that I was misinformed about what Winslow Heath was putting the knock off Joker gas in. I thought it was day to day products, which would have copied the Batman movie, making the plot unoriginal.
           In this issue some cops come back to work after they have apparently been out with food poisoning, but Bullock is suspicious that they are working for the Guardian Bats. Also when Heath's chief scientist enjoys watching people kill each other Wilson is not amused. He then opens a fair and resizes tones of Joker gas to the people who are attending, all of which are previous gas users. The Guardian Bats rally, where the leader of the Guardian Bats throw a "Guardian Robin" off the roof. Also somewhere in the middle of the issue, when the Impostor Joker was in a comma, he was actually awake for that entire time.
          I almost didn't pick up this arc because of the art work, but now it is continuously impressing me. It is ridiculously cartoony which reflects the insanity of Gotham, and the Jokerz. I also like that this "Impostor Joker" has a sole, if he were exactly like the Joker (which is one of the better characters ever made) the series would be boring, because even though it would be pleasantly violent, and twisted, the entire time I would be thinking" this isn't actually the Joker."
          I especially like the idea of the Guardian Bats. This rash and violent militia is what would happen in a situation that was this scary, this publicized, and this out of control. That is why I like this arc, between addiction, the violent militia, and the crazy art work, this arc does exactly what Batman is supposed to be, realistic, and twisted. DC has been doing a great job with Batman in that way, the only problem is that would be much better if this was Bruce Wayne, which would then be the person who was supposed to be Batman, being who Batman is supposed to be. Regardless, pick this issue up, it's fantastic.

Grade: 9/10
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