21 October, 2010

Green Arrow #4

           This series has been bad, plain and simple. That art has been just below average, the story way below, and the writing has been rock bottom. I've said this numerous times, but I will say it again: Krul doesn't know who his is writing for, is it Green Arrow, or Robin Hood. I've only stuck with this series, because my subscription goes for another eight issues.
           In this issue Martial Man Hunter comes into the Star City forest and starts going crazy and attacking the white lantern tree. Green Arrow manages to stop him, and then MMH explains that the white lantern forest made him go crazy. Green Arrow then goes to a rally and saves Mary from the Royal Guard, and then at the end he figures out that some assassin is trying to kill her.
           Honestly my description doesn't do the book justice. I was happy to find that there is a good issue in this series opposed to all the dribble that was the first three issues. I was very happy to see Martian Man Hunter in this issue, I lost track of the Brightest Day series a while ago, so I haven't seen him at all. I was also very happy to see Ollie venture out of the forest and be moire like Green Arrow than Robin Hood for once. I was a little confused about what actually happened with Martian Man Hunter, but I have the gist of it. I really did like the story, but I'm always confused why the cover art is alway so great, but then inside it's just okay. I really wish that Mauro Cascioli would be the cover artist and the inside artist as well. Didgens Neves is okay, but If that art improved just a little this comic would be so much better.
          This was by no means a great issue, but it is with out a doubt the best issue in this series, I really hope it is uphill from

Grade: 8/10
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