01 August, 2010

Deadpool Corps #3

           I've been on my recent Deadpool run, so I picked this one up, despite all the bad reviews it got. As I've said countless times before, I love alternate reality stories. So I couldn't resist Deadpool Corps. In this issue the Corps has been captured by a being called the Awareness. The Awareness abducts large amounts of life forms and gives them all a single mind. Lady Deadpool, Deadpool, and Kidpool are all in prison. The leader of all the life forms on the ship that the Corps is currently on is allowed his own mind, he tells the Corps that there is away to stop the Awareness. Meanwhile Dogpool and Headpool are trying to find away to brake the Corps out. Oh... and the Champion is with Headpool and being difficult.
           Like I said in my review of Birds of Prey #3, writers are doing too much too early, I'm not talking about the Awareness or anything like that. I'm talking about the Champion. One: He isn't Deadpool from another reality, and two: did the Gischler already get sick of the characters he had? Why did he have tooe add another member to the corps on issue two? I wasn't a fan of this issue but I think it would have been better without the Champion. I've also read that the humor wasn't great in this series, in the comic store I can't read the entire comic, so when I picked up this issue, I was relying on one or two funny panels that I'd read. But the humor wasn't that good, like I said there were some funny moments but not enough to make this a good Deadpool comic. The only good thing about this comic was the art, that was extraordinary. Two thumbs up to Rob Liefeld and Matt Yackey. Like in the Deadpool series it matched the ridiculousness and the darkness that is Deadpool and that I want in a Deadpool comic. Unfortunately the writing was just not good enough.

Grade: 4/10
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