30 June, 2010

Joker's Asylum 2: Harley Quinn

              This issue stared Harley Quinn. Harley was created only 18 years ago, and she gas had more success than many characters have had in their entire existence. For instance, if you go to an amateur comic collector and ask them which villain they like more, Harley Quinn or Dr. Sivanna they will without doubt pick Harley Quinn, probably because they have never heard of Sivanna. This is not some stroke of luck, that the character had, but because the character is very, very good. She is funny and (much like the Joker) kills people in the most joyful way possible, which just makes her fun to read about.
            In this issue Harley escapes from Arkham on Valentine's Day to go see the Joker, but when she gets to his hideout she finds several dead henchmen, and no Mr. J. She finds out that some people came and took him, from a wounded henchman named Spider. She then sends him out to get chocolate for the Joker's Valentine's Day present. She then finds that he was now in an auction, and people who had been effected by the Joker were trying to buy him. Harley kills all of them, and finds out where Mr. J is and goes there. When she gets to the location she finds ____. (I'm not going to spoil it)
            I was very happy to see Harley Quinn in this comic for reasons that I mentioned above. Although I was a little worried because of the disappointment caused by Joker's Asylum: Mad Hatter. This comic met my expectations. Okay, not great. The problem that I had was that I thought the Joker should have been in it more, besides his little narration's, he was only at the very end of the story. I would have preferred that when Quinn got to the hideout she would have found Joker and the two of them would have gone of a romantic crime spree. But this was good too, just not as. I really liked the art, I thought it fit the boisterous, and happy personality of Harley. Although it did not work with the Joker, I don't know why, he just wasn't drawn that well, he looked a little too human. Lastly I really liked Joker's introduction and conclusion. He was the funny/twisted Joker that he always is. So overall a pretty good comic.

Grade: 8/10
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