30 April, 2010

Action Comics #888

            Alright, Nightwing is stuck in the phantom zone, Jax-Ur (Vohc)  has released a copy of Rao, and the world is fighting the fake god. In this issue the JSA and Wonder Woman are fighting Rao, while Flame bird is taking on Vohc. After a while of mindless brain bashing, you see Nightwing in the Phantom Zone, he dresses himself in robes, which are amazingly cool, and I had really hoped that Nightwing would become his own hero in and  that would be his costume, but instead he finds Nightwing bonds with him, and becomes totally bad a*s. My description of the synopsis does not do it justice, it is amazing, I loved this comic. It could just be because I am a complete sap for Alan Scott, and Jay Garrick, but this story was just good. I was slightly disappointed about two things, one is that Nightwing changed his uniform from his robes, and two is that when the JSA first came out Dr. Fate was there, and he was never featured again in the comic, and Dr. Fate fighting a "God" would be so awesome, but I didn't even notice this until I finished the comic, so I would still recommend the comic.

Grade: A-
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