05 April, 2010

New Ultimates #1

              I have admired Loeb for a while now (see 1, 2, 3, 4?) I thought he was the Geoff Johns of the Marvel universe, until now. Mind you I have never read the Ultimates before, and I don't mind that, my main issue with this comic is one panel long, and that is, a hellish type woman forcing herself on Thor. I can tell that the reason Jeph Loeb made that happen is just to be edgy, and I hate that kind of thing. All this comic is, is just Hawk Eye and Iron Man fighting, Tony Stark talking about drinking and that scene I discribed with Thor, plus a little with Loki at the end.
            Actually I have another bone to pick with this comic, when DC came out with there hero the Shield, I was disappointed with them for completely copying Captain America, now I see Hell Cat and Night Hawk, who were both characters before, but now they have been edited to look exactly like Cheetah, and Batman, I understand that isn't as bad as the Shield, Captain America thing but it is pretty bad.
                   Normally a comic could make up for these mistakes in quality of writing, especially when you have Jeph Loeb, but the writing simply wasn't good enough. This is a horrendous start to the New Ultimates series.

Grade: C
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  1. I think they were off to a bad start before this comic even came out...I mean, they decided to name it "Ultimate Comics New Ultimates." :P

    Since you haven't read it, I would definitely recommend picking up the first Ultimates series. Marvel's latest batch of solicitations has a softcover volume that collects the whole thing, which I imagine will be pretty nice.