03 April, 2010

First Wave #1 of 6

           This story is less about the Spirit, and Batman, and more about Doc Savage. I like Doc Savage, but I bought the comic for the Spirit and Batman. Anyway, the comic is about Doc Savage finding out how his father died, meanwhile having the press criticize him for not showing up to the funeral. Then there was a little side story about the Spirit, and no real mention of Batman, although I suspect that, there was a man in the comic who was "shaggy" and I suspect that, that man is Bruce Wayne.
            I was looking forward to this comic, I had seen adds and previews in so many of my comics (I'm a DC fan) it was so promoted and I was very exited to see Batman and Spirit, who are two of my favorite heroes, and I was also exited to see Doc Savage, but I didn't want a complete comic just about the Man of Bronze. To be fair the Spirit part was good, just short. Otherwise, I liked the art,  it reminded me of the Blackest Night Green Arrow.

Grade: B-
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