17 April, 2010

The Terminator #1

            When I walked in to my comic buying location, I was very exited to see this lying behind and Archie comic. The movies always showed the adventures of John Connor or Sarah Connor, this is what happened in the future, where the Terminator originally came from, and I also like that these terminators are 600's like the one Arnold schwarzenegger originally played. This comic had a walking dead feel to it, a group of survivors camping out, keeping watch, and just surviving. I like a good fight scene, and this comic had one really really short one, but  it was phenomenal none the less, after there camp was blown up by 600's the survivors run to what looks like Alaska, or Green Land, and thats where it leaves off.
          The only comic Dark Horse has ever made that I really, really liked was Hellboy, this changed that. I'm very exited about this series. I have never read Walking Dead (I want to though) but I here when you see a zombie, you legitimately get freaked, this was the same with the 600's, when I saw one I froze and looked at the panel for a good 30 seconds. Although, I don't want to get my hopes up for this series, because it might be a mini series...I mean how long can they keep a comic about a group of survivors occasionally shooting at robots?

Grade: B+
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