09 April, 2010

Batman #697

             I know a couple heroes pretty well, Superman, Flash, and Batman. Bruce Wayne is Batman, not Dick Grayson, i'm sick of Nightwing playing dress up as the Caped Crusader. If Bruce Wayne came back to the Batman series I would subscribe in an instant. That is the only thing that appeals about Grant Morrisan's Batman and Robin is that they are on the way to bringing Wayne back. I'm sorry for my venting, but I had to say that.
              The comic its self was almost acceptable. I would not read this unless you have read the Arkham Reborn series first, and if you haven't don't read any further.
              Of course the past several issues have been about the Black Mask, who is a villain I like, one thing I like about this comic that this comic took away was his classiness, he was a regular "Don Corleone"
This comic made it look like Ra's  Al Ghul wearing a skull mask. Flaw one.  Another thing that I didn't like is that this comic was just Dick Grayson, not Batman, beating the living crap out of every one who stood in-between him and the Black Mask. I do understand this is the last issue in a comic of a series that could be called the conclusion of Arkham Reborn, but Batman does not just use fists and immunity to beat the villains, he has to use a couple gadgets, if it's overdone it is not good, but neither if it's underdone. Once he got to the Black Mask, he dogged bullets and punched him, and that was it, that is how he beat one of his toughest enemies. The part that I liked is that when he got the skull mask off the Black Mask's face, it was Jeremiah Arkham. When the Jester made him go insane he must have taken over for the Black Mask. Although Black Mask was featured in Arkham Reborn so maybe Arkham was insane before the end of the series. Also, Arkham began talking to himself, one voice being himself, and the other in the Black Mask's, the was almost exactly like Two Face, which I thought was not good. Don't copy another villains thing.
                 I just have to say the one good part. The end, when Grayson was giving a monologue it was like the end of a movie, he started to get inside the process of passing the banner, which has happened many times in all villain families. That was the only good part.

Grade: D+
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