10 April, 2010

Green Hornet #2

            Alright, I know I trashed Green Hornet issue one for having their main character retire in the first issue, but I had no idea that this was going to be the return of the Green Hornet. I loved this comic, I usually don't like it when the personal life of a hero takes over the story, but Kevin Smith made the personal life so interesting that the comic was intriguing. There was only one fight scene, but the comic was "action packed." The only thing that I didn't like was that the original Kato is not to be heard from, but most likely the people who read this series did not see the original show.
           In this issue it was mainly the conflict between Britt Reid and his son. It also included the stress of his failing news paper, the Sentinel. At the same time Reid is being a huge part of a campaign for mayor (not himself) and supporting an " insta-millionare" game creator, who is the sun of the yakuza boss that the Green Hornet battled in the previous issue. Then at the end while Britt is hosting a fund raiser a girl sneaks past the guards and into the party, she then she fends off ninjas that randomly brake in. (weird) Based off the cover alone you can tell that the girl who broke in is the new Kato, which is going to be good. So I have high hopes for this series.
             There are many Green Hornet series out, and Dynamite is going to be very successful after the Green Hornet movie comes out, and you can tell that they expect a huge amount of comics to be sold, so I am hopeful that Dynamite, becomes tied with Image or Dark-horse, and maybe someday Marvel and DC.

Grade: A
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