02 April, 2010

Green Lantern #52 & Blackest Night #8

               I thought this comic (Green Lantern #52) was going to be amazing, and the first half was. The second half: "Not so much." The first half was cool, Sinestro was one with the white entity, he was one with life. He showed how each of the emotions came into existence,and how he was connected to all life. But right after the first eleven pages, Nekron takes his scythe and chops him in half. Come on! The reason I bought this comic is because I wanted to see Sinestro as the white lantern. This is happened way to much in the DCU the cool thing, or reason I bought the comic, is killed off in the first couple pages. While all this is happening, John Stewart takes a small group of lanterns in to the power source of the Black Lanterns. Then finally Sinestro mends himself. This comic was good, but not as good as I thought it would be. I will say that the writing was great when Sinestro was explaining his connection to life. Plus the panels were just as good, if not better. Otherwise the only great, stand out thing about this comic was that it almost concludes Blackest Night.

            Blackest Night issue eight was allot better than Green Lantern #52. Although before I start the review I have to say  I don't like the fact that if you read Green Lantern #52 and you are subscribed to it, you don't just have to wait for the next issue, you have to go and buy Blackest Night issue eight.
           Ok, I just had to get that off my chest. This comic was twice as good as Green Lantern 52. Sinestro is the White Lantern again, and is battling Nekron, when pow, Sinestro rips out Nekron's heart.  The a load of Black Lanterns come, and the many corps battle them. Then Nekron comes back. (Dead, ripping out of the heart can't effect him.) He rips Sinestro from the white entity. All hope was lost, until Hal Jordan, flies into the white entity, and gives all ring holders (plus, ex-superheroe black lanterns) white rings. They bring the Black Hand back to life, which cuts the cord between Nekron and the physical world. To add one more good thing, the Anti Monitor brakes out of the Black Lantern Battery and declares that he wont be their prisoner nor power source anymore. Then the rest of the comic is people being reacquainted with dead superheroes. (Since they all got white rings, they all came back to life) One thing I didn't like about that is Dead Man got caught in the crossfire and is now a living Boston Brand. I hope and think they will kill him off again, so he can resume his role as Dead Man. This comic was well drawn, story was good, and the writing was very good, all together a recipe for a good comic. Plus, Blackest Night is over!

Grade: (Green Lantern 52) B
Grade: (Blackest Night 8)  A
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Heroes/villains who are back: (note, not complete list)
Fire Storm
Martian Man Hunter
Maxwell Lord

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