01 April, 2010

Captain America #604

              This issue was good, but not as good as the others in the Two Americas story arc.
In this issue, Bucky and Falcone are already kidnapped by the Watchdogs and "Bad Cap." Falcone is on a train with a huge supply of bombs, and Bucky is being forced to dress up in his old costume and fallow "Bad Cap" around. (A little strange, I know) The "Bad Cap's" plan is not unlike any plan I have seen a super villain plot [spoiler alert] he is going to try and blow up Hoover Dam. This was just a little annoying because Bukcky's face looked like this was going to be a complete original, destroy the whole of America, kind of plan, which it  wasn't.
             The writing was done very well. It captured exactly what an insane, or just arrogant man would sound like. It also captured what people who were kidnaped by an insane or just arrogant man would sound like. They didn't sound angry, just frustrated.
             The art was done especially well in this issue, again, the colorists have been on a roll. It was the crispness of the art which made this issue very special, The way Falcone was really red, and the Watchdogs were really white.
             But there was one thing that was better than both of those. The fight scenes. Especially when Falcone does a backflip on top of a moving train, it's just...WOW!
             I have high hopes for May's and the concluding issue of The Two Americas

Grade: B+
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