30 April, 2010

Batman #698

           THIS IS MY 50th REVIEW EVER
           This comic was very good, except one thing that I will bring up later. This story is about a villain, who later I think will be called the Copy Cat Villain, (named by the Riddler) and Batman and Riddler were tracking him down. I do hope that the Copy Cat Villain will show up later in the Batman series. People who have just been let out of Blackgate have been murdered in the different styles of the Batman villains. Tallies, pecked to death by birds, frozen. This comic also started out with a dream of  Dick Grayson's where he was in the flying Graysons again, but instead of his parents there is Catwoman, Jason Todd, and Oracle. The art was also exceptional the sketchiness and the sketchy collar worked in such a way that was very pleasing to the eye.
           What I really didn't like is that Edward Nigma (Riddler) figured all of the clues out before Batman, and he ended up just sitting their like a dolt. Batman is the smartest person in the DCU, he can't be outsmarted by one of his own (ex) villains. I hate that Dick Grayson is Batman, and this just makes it worst, if Robin (not Batman) is playing Batman and isn't even smart, how am I supposed to like him. Although the comic was still very good, and at least he was still physically fit.

Grade: B
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