22 April, 2010

Green Arrow #32

           To quote the  blog, Jason Todd's comic blog "Why is the art so bad?" The cover was really good, and the inside art looks like what a five year old could draw. It had little to no detail on the faces, and the characters all looked distorted.
           The comic its self was bad. They decided to ruin the Green Arrow, by telling everyone his secret identity. That only works for people like Steve Rogers and Wally West, not Ollie Queen. In this comic, it shows how the Green Arrow killed Prometheus and went to jail for it. Until trial  when a short, tacky speech given by himself  saved his tail, although he was exiled from the city. Besides that it was all emotional hoopla. To be fair there were two good things about this comic. 1) you could pick up the comic and not be lost, this was part two of a story arc, but I could understand everything. 2) It mad it so that you can understand all fallowing issues.

Grade: D+
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