14 April, 2010

Batman and Robin #11

         This comic was good, but like in #11 I'm confused to who this "Wayne" (I think) , impersonator type person is. Normally I would say it was Jason Todd, but he has already made an appearance in this series and he looks very different. But that was only the first couple pages. The rest of the comic was not as good as Batman and Robin #10 but it was still pretty good. It started with Damian and Sexton fighting in a cemetery, after a very good fight scene, and one or two people being hit on the head with a shovel, you see Dick Grayson exploring even more of Wayne manner that nobody knew about. After finding a demonic figure, and year old paint on the wall, Grayson, continues down the halls and out where Sexton and Robin are.  While Batman is exploring the tunnels Robin figures out that Osborne Sexton is not english and nor is he a writer, and then not a heart beat later Robin knocks  Sexton out, and threatens to kill Batman.
                   I love the exploring of the mansion, and I love the fight scene in the cemetery (which was next to Thomas Wayne's grave, which is also the door that Batman used to get into the cemetery) and I liked the fact that the person actually controlling Robin (physically) was not his mother, but Death-Stroke, making Robin deadlier than usual. Besides that there really wasn't much else to say about this comic, except to complement the simplicity which I Just mentioned, I'm exited to see how this concludes.
               But I'm even more exited to see the six issue series coming in May: The Return of Bruce Wayne. Every time I see an ad for it I get more and more exited. When he comes back, I am concerned that it will disrupt this series, which is pretty good, but it will be worth it.

Grade: A-
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