11 April, 2010

Detective Comics #863

                      This comic was not as good as its two predecessors. It concluded a predictable pot, the            
        other two made the predictable plot much more intresting. Batman and Batwoman hit  two different        
        people both doing the same thing, the Batwoman hit the Cutter, and Batman hit someone who was          
        never really explained, but I am assuming he is in cahoots with the Cutter. Of course they were
        repairing an old woman who had lost her looks with parts from other girls. During the two big fight
        scenes (which were happening simultaneously, which was pretty cool) Batwoman saw that it was
         her younger cousin who was kidnapped by the Cutter, this eventually led to her releice. Then at the
         end you found out the the cousin of Batwoman, wanted to be a superhero herself. [her costume
         looks exactly like hawks]
                   The best part about this comic was the lead up to it. Without the two previous issues this
        comic would be crap. It wasn't horrible, even without the first two issues, but it was bad. I am            
        exited to see what Greg Rucka puts together for the next sotrey ark.
        Oh, one more thing! I did like that the Batman used the old Bat-mobil, it was in one small panel, but
        it was pretty cool

      Grade: C+
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  1. I really don't like it when you can predict the outcome of a comic (like Red Hulk Saga) but I guess there would be some complicated storyline behind it.