04 April, 2010

Justice Society of America #37 The Winds of War

                    As Mr. Terrific continues his memoirs, you see the story of how the world has been taken over by the Fourth Reich. The earths former protectors conspiring in the corner of a concentration camp. It does go back to a flash back in the middle of the comic, but that part wasn't as good. In the flashback it was Wildcat fighting the Hunter, Mr. Terrific fighting Doctor Demon and Captain Swastika, Mr. America and lightning fighting White Dragon, and finally Jay Garrick fighting the Shadow of War. The,  Fourth Reich finally put an end to the JSA's retaliation when the Shadow of War unleashes the ultimate weapon, a bomb that can take away the most powerful hero's powers. Obsidian in bomb form. After removing the JSA's powers, the comic goes back to the concentration camp. This is where we see, Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, and other broken heroes, who all plan an escape plan, or something like that.
                        I like this comic, its like a superhero version of MAUS, just not quite as graphic, this is not that great as part of the Justice Society series, but I think it will make a great TPB. I want to see how DC is going to keep the series going, now that all of the beloved heroes are old and broken, some even dead. It will be interesting and I really want to see what happens.

Grade: B
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