15 May, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #629

               This comic was good, but it did one thing that I really don't like. But I'll get to that later, what happened here was the city is getting confused because of all the tremors, and Captain Universe is messing with Spiderman and the Juggernaut . So in this comic Captain Universe finally says what Juggernaut did to ruin his life, apparently Juggernaut and Spidy were having a big fight and smashed through a building, and because of the damages Captain Universe's alter ego William Nguyen was fired. Then his wife left him, then he was kicked out of his apartment, then he tried to kill himself. On the way down he was rescued by the Enigma Force (again horrible name) and became Captain Universe. Juggernaut said he didn't know suffering because Juggernaut was stuck punching his way underground for a month with out food or air. Later when Juggernaut is attacked by Captain Universe the Enigma Force comes down and takes the Uni-Power away from Nguyen and gives it to Juggernaut. Turns out that when he was smashing his way underground he left holes in it and that was causing the earth quakes. After that he comes back up and wants to kill Nguyen but Spiderman convinces him to become a hero.
             Right there thats what I didn't like about the book. Juggernaut can't be a hero it just doesn't work. I hope Marvel fixes this fast. but otherwise I saw no other problems with this book. Color was great, the dialogue was great, it wasn't boring, it would have been perfect if Juggernaut threw Nguyen into a river and walked away, but alas.

Grade: 7.5/10
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