25 May, 2010

Amazing Spiderman #631

                SHED continues. In this issue all it is, is Peter Parker being stood up by Charlie, because she had to do some investigation on a murder (see last issue) at Curt Connors' lab. (when he became the lizard) So Spiderman goes to investigate, and also goes to save Connors' son, Billy Connors. Of course he meets the Lizard out side of the house (insert big fight scene hear) when he finally gets inside and the Lizard is going away, he sees that someone had already been there, maimed Billy's foster parents and took Billy. Meanwhile this girl takes on Kaine, when he gets away the girl's brother comes down and says that the hunting game doesn't start until the Gauntlet is complete. This girl later appears as the person who took Billy, and hands him right over to the Lizard.
               I understand with the whole "The hunt doesn't start until the gauntlet is complete" thing, but it kind of bugged me. I like the classic Spiderman, not this new version of his comics. I also liked that through out the book, with the Lizard's personal captions, there was also a caption for Connors talking to the Lizard and telling him to stop. Lastly Emma Rios drew the Lizard badly, she made him to animalistic, the Lizard is like Killer Croc just with a long nose, this comic made him look a lizard with a jacket. Overall not a great comic. Oh... one more thing, in this comic Spiderman does a lot of standing around, and I remember a interview with John Romita Sr. where he said: If you have Spiderman standing on the ground, you are wasting Spiderman.

Grade: 6/10
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