15 May, 2010

Detective Comics #864

           WOW, this comic was absolutely amazing, it might be the best comic that I have ever read, probably not but it was pretty good. This comic would not be as good if you have not read Arkham Reborn, because this is the sequel to it. Jeremiah Arkham is in Arkham Asylum, but he knows every one's psychological profile, so he is "king." Batman is also working on a related case, when Arkham was Black Mask he placed a bomb with a timer inside a person, and did not display a timer, this man was in charge of getting money to a place of Black mask's choosing, then Black Mask promised to give the "bomb man" the deactivation code. Of course this did not work out. Batman goes to get the code out of Arkham but instead finds Arkham's beauties (read Arkham reborn) A man obsessed with his own face, a woman who is afraid of her face, and a man with no face. But the Jester shows up, he did something (read to find out) that made Arkham kill all of his beauties.
           The main reason I liked Arkham reborn is because I love Arkham Asylum, but if you read my review of it, nothing else was that great, this comic it was completely different. Yes I still do like Arkham asylum, but this time the rest of the comic was amazing as well. The Joker can make people go insane, and make people submit to his will, so can Two Face, Scare crow, Man Bat, Killer Crock, even Killer Moth can do that, but none of those people can do it the way Jeremiah Arkham can. He uses information to create horrible fantasies inside someone's head. Even to someone as horrible as the Mortician. Also I'm interested to see more about the Jester, who claims to be the Joker's evil twin. I want to see who he really is, and I hope (and suspect) That I will find out in the next issue or two. One last thing is that "While He's Jeremiah Arkham he has no recollection of his other existence as the Black Mask." Just thought that , that would be a little helpful piece of information for the future. David Hine is amazing, and when Bruce Wayne returns to Detective Comics, that series will be the best thing ever written. (If Hine is writing it.)

Grade: 10/10
Grade (average of this and Arkham Reborn): 8.7/10
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