30 May, 2010

Justice League of America #45

               I didn't know I was subscribed to this, but apparently I am, so here I go. In this issue something is wrong with the JSA's Green Lantern (Allan Scott ) and nobody can figure out what  it is. Meanwhile Jade is resisting arrest by some German Commandoes. They want to bring her in and questing her about a glowing green meteor that she apparently brought to earth. She explains that the meteor brought her to earth, and not the other way around, and that it is called the "Starheart" which is like concentrated Green Lantern power. That's when the JSA arrive, Alan Scott, who is still in a trance, was drawn to the "Starheart" and the Society fallowed. Then for some reason Power Girl flies in and starts smashing things, but then Supergirl flies in and starts smashing Power Girl. Batman eventually figures out that Jade's power is half magic, so could be used to stop Power Girl. Jade then explains that the "Starheart" was made when the guardians locked up a great deal of the chaotic elements, but they had to contain it with pure green energy.
Then all magic using heroes around the world go insane

This comic was bad, plain in simple, it was bad. The dialogue was corny, the plot was also bad. I did like the art, colors and the fact that they mentioned Kryptonian's weakness to magic. But the majority of it was horrible. I would not recommend this comic to anyone, except someone I wanted to hurt.  This  was hell that disguised its self as a comic book. It's not as bad as Fantastic Four 576, but it was bad.

Grade: 0.5/10
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  1. Hilarious final paragraph. I don't think I'll ever read this comic.

  2. it's 5 minutes of my life i'm never getting back