13 May, 2010

Justice Society of America #38

           This entire story arc has been amazing, and I read this at the same time that I read Captain America's the Two Americas, so it's been a whole blast of patriotism here in the USA. In this issue there is more blood shed and conspiracy to end the reign of the fourth reich. Mr. Terrific is posing as Nazi sympathizer and is planing the down fall of the fourth reich. As the Führer (Karnevil) comes and the world celebrates, there is a party which consists of the Führer and many old defeated superheroes watching and the execution of Batman and the Joker. I have only been legitimately sad because of comics on four occasions. When Alfred killed himself in Batman the Dark Night Returns, When Captain Marvel dies in Batman the Dark Night Strikes Again, when Rorschach dies in Watchmen, and when Batman and the Joker died in this issue. Not only that but the Jaime Reyes picks a fight with Mr. Terrific so that the Nazis would be forced to defend him and sympathize with him more, and the shoot Reyes right in the head.
          This story arc has been great, I love every part of it. The way Bill Willingham illustrates the concentration camps, with out it being devastatingly real (MAUS, Schindler's list ) is very well done, and incorporating Superheroes into it makes the reading effective as I watch helplessly as my heroes get picked off one by one for just plainly evil reasons. I also like how he voices each character, how he makes it that if you met each character you would think they would sound exactly like they do in the comics. The "campy" heroes are not as "campy" as usual but that is really good. I hope Willingham stays on the Justice Society of America for a long time and does many great story arcs like this one. I thought this was going to be the concluding issue for this story arc, and I was kind of disappointed when I found that it wasn't but this issue was so good that I'm glad it wasn't.

Grade: 9/10
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