09 May, 2010

The Spirit #1

              A while back I went to www.mycomicshop.com and I had recently seen the Spirit movie, so I bought a bunch of 70's Spirit comics, expecting them to be like the old newspaper comics, with a little more edge. I could not have been more wrong, they were goofy, and silly, and I didn't like it at all. This comic on the other hand was not silly enough, which is better than over "sillifying" but it still wasn't great, there were a couple moments where the Spirit said some funny stuff but overall ehh... They mentioned the Octopus a couple times, and the Octopus hired an assassin to kill the Spirit, but he never made an appearance. Neither did San Saref, so really they made the Spirit into Batman. Relations with the police commissioner, better relations with his daughter, disturbed city. I'm not saying they're twins, but it's getting a little close. Also they had the Spirit get in someone's face and interrogate him "Batman style" which I didn't like. Lastly the art was very good, each page, or section of the story had it's own color scheme, which made the comic fantastic and fun to read, but they did something that they did in the movie as well, the color red stands out allot, again just another thing that is visually pleasing. So overall it would have been a better comic if it wasn't the Spirit but it was pretty good none the less.

Grade: 7/10
buy at: www.mycomicshop.com

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