06 May, 2010

Captain America #605

           This was a fantastic conclusion to a fantastic story arch, one of the best I have ever seen in my comic reading years. In this issue Bucky broke free of the Bad Cap's control, (using his metal arm) and Falcon got in a helicopter and flew above to help defeat "Captain Un-America," before he blew up Hoover Dam. In this comic there was a couple thought bubbles that intrigued me very much.

[This is during the fight between Bucky and Bad Cap]

"My biggest problem here isn't the watchdogs or how strong this crazy cap is...
Or even the bomb their scientist is assembling.
No. My trouble is that I've read this guy's [bad cap's] secret file.
I know all about him
Well... Okay the bomb is a problem too
but this guy, he started out with the best intentions. As a patriot.
Wanted to be just like Cap an' me.
To fight for what's right
But the chemicals that made him a super-soldier drove him crazy...
Twisted him all around.
Turned him into a guy who's willing to use bombs to make a point.
And I know firsthand, a bomb only has one thing to say.
But somewhere inside this guy...
there's a good man who thinks he is doing the right thing."

For a while I had been wondering about villains like this, people who think that they are doing the right thing. What happens then? Especially for a WW11 character like Captain America, this comic related to WW11 a lot. Did Hitler think that he was doing the right thing? What was going through his head?
But even besides the relation to WW11 and Bucky's thought bubble, this comic was really good. One thing that I noticed when I went back to this comic, was the panels, I love the way they are thrown like cards onto the page, it makes the comic slightly more fun to read.
        There is one thing that I noticed and did not like. Flacon was talking to a scientist, and they were wondering how to get off a high speed train full of explosives, and then from nowhere he picks up a watchdog and interrogates him. (mind you that he already threw all the watchdogs off the train. But after thinking about that one panel for a while you disregard this and go back to praising the book. I am concerned that Captain America or even Marvel will  be able to top this story arc in the next ten to fifteen years.

Grade: A
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