26 May, 2010

Legion of Super-Heroes #1

                  This comic was great. As soon as I heard about this series I subscribed without blinking an eye. I liked the old series of this team, but I read a couple issues of a newer series and didn't like it. This issue blew me away. There were several issues mentioned from past series, but Paul Levits always made sure that the reader knew what was going on.
                  The synopsis is that there is a guy named Earth-Man who apparently when all out on the Legion and attacked them, so he was imprisoned and punished. Earthgov demanded that Earth-Man becomes a member of the Legion, so Brainiac 5 made a ring that kept Earth-Man "on a leash." Meanwhile Saturn Girl visits her world of Titan where she goes into her diary room and talks about Lightning Lad abandoning her. Then some people who aren't really explained build this machine where you can see back in time, but they try to see the beginning of the universe, this action kills them and destroys several machines, such as the one maintaining Titan. So there is a rescue mission to save every one, they save several people but many people die. Also there is a guy named Sodam Yat, who is still on OA (which is a dead planet) all alone, when this blue little blob which looks like a mini guardian comes out, flies to earth and tells Earth-Man he is now Green Lantern of sector 2814.
                  All right, this story was kind of hard to understand, but when you read it, it'll make perfect sense. I understand what Levits was trying to do with the whole you must choose thing, but that would have been more dramatic if it was a good guy, not a villain. Otherwise this comic was flawless. This probably happened a while ago, but I still didn't like it. When did Brainiac 5 become a living thing and not an android? Otherwise why would he be called Brainiac 5? Actually there is one more flaw, predictability. I know Earth-Man is going to pick the Legion, other wise he wouldn't be featured at all in the series.
                  I like what Levits has done with the series, and I'm exited to read more, but I also like what he has kept from the Legion that I have grown to know and love. Although I wonder how long this series will last. I hope it is not short lived, but I have my fears.

Grade: 8.5/10
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