18 May, 2010

Batman and Robin #12

                 Origionally I didn't like this series at first, but now that I've cancled my subscription, I'm starting to like it. Any way... in this issue Slade is controlling Robin and making him attack Batman. Finally when Batman defetes Robin/Slade, a wierdly dressed thug comes and steals something that Batman was holding. To be honest, I was really confused, but I know that will be important later. Then Robin visits his mother who then said that Robin is an enemy of Al Ghul. After that Alfred, Batman, and Robin were exploring the caves again, when they find a Batman costume hanging on what look like deer antlers, when Alfred notifies the JLA. Then Batman revisits Sexton, this is the shocking twist is.
                  This comic does not compare with Batman and Robin 10 nor does it compare to number 11. The caves were just revisited so it wasn't cool like that, and there were no revealing things except the one thing I can't tell you because it would ruin the comic. I would recommend reading this, just because you'll be lost without it. It just wasn't a good comic and it was disappointing.
 (Again the shocking twist was really cool)

Grade: 4/10
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