20 March, 2010

Red Robin #10

ugh can't these guys get a good story out anymore? This was a bad book! Not kinda good but mainly bad, just bad! First of all this story expected you to read Bat Girl #8 (which with my schedule I will never be able to do) to just understand the beginning of the first scene. Even with that though the story would be very out of sink. All of the sudden Spoiler is the new Bat Girl, and the League of Assassins want to kill her and Red Robin? Plus even after that after a big dramatic scene with Pru (which was never explained) and the "big bad guys" come out(who work for Ra's al Ghul) they look just like the Council of Spiders. Great it worked for a little while, but don't bring them back. Especially not in the next story arch. Plus during all this Vale, who you can tell Yost is trying to make the next Lois Lane is trying to find out where Tim Drake has been. Nobody ever did that with Spider man, and I was glad they didn't. "Yost: You were great for a while, now you suck."

Grade: C-
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