26 March, 2010

Action Comics #887

Unlike the issue before it, I can say more about this issue, because if you did read Action Comics number 886 the plot for this comic will be much less confusing.
This issue (which was a page turner) is Nightwing and Flamebird attacking the new Rao, created by Jax-Ur, also known as Vohc. There is a second story in this issue, and no not the one about Captain Atom (not very good) but instead one about Lois Lane. Lane's "superpower" is she gets what she wants, and in this comic she wanted two things: one was to have the Web fix her computer, and two was to fallow Nightwing and Flamebird as they were fighting Rao. During the fight it shows posts on a few blogs that tell how people are starting to understand that Nightwing and Flamebird are not there to hurt people, only to help.
I hope that New Krypton gets destroyed. As Brightest Day approaches, I have noticed a few things, all of which I like. Superman is returning to the Superman comic line, he will be the last son of Krypton again, Barry Allen is returning, and, best of all, the hunt for Bruce Wayne has picked up. People have been calling Brightest Day the rebirth of the DCU, (Detective Comics Universe) and there right.
Another thing I like about this comic is the ending [SPOILER ALERT] after the epic battle with Rao, and Jax-Ur/ Vohc, they shoot Nightwing (Lois Lane and Clark Kent's son) into the Phantom Zone, which will make for a cool next five or six comics.
Lois Lane has changed over the years, and the newly updated version is the best. She is adventures, and daring, and makes for a good comic. In fact someone could make a comic just about Lois Lane.

Grade: A-
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  1. A great review! But I winder where this comic fits into the evolving DC universe?

  2. To Whoever you are

    Well, I am "foreshadowing" here. Rao, the big god of Krypton is here, (well a new Rao) and, one on the corner of the cover it says, fall of New Krypton, and two, when a God comes down, it sometimes means the,courser destruction of earth. (Noah's Ark) Of course Rao isn't going to destroy earth, because that would end the comics all together, but maybe New Krypton will be destroyed. (Hopefully)

    Hoping you are well Dukö